Age Qualification: 6-25 years old

Competition Date: November/December

The mission of the competition is to promote talents of the young performers, encourage friendships and bring different cultures together as well as familiarize contestants of various nationalities with the German culture and art and enable them to demonstrate their own.

2018 | Grand Prix Winner 

Janine Fiona Kent

2017 | 3rd Place Winner

Micah Jane Baybay

2016 | 1st Place Winner

Jovie Torres

2016 | 5th Placer

Janine Fiona Kent

2016 | Bronze Medalist

Jo Navarozza

2015 | Grand Prix Winner

Ryan Tamondong

2015 | 4th Place Winner

Gyver Jude Concon

2015 | Bronze Medalist

Princess Faith Priel

2015 | Bronze Medalist

Mikee Micosa

2014 | 1st Place Winner

Ana Ramsey

2014 | 2nd Place Winner

Thrisha Luise Cañete

2014 | 3rd Place Winner

Gleenette Gaddi

2014 | 4th Place Winner

Gian Marla Gloria

2014 | Bronze Medalist

Natalie Martinez

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