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Age Qualification: 6- NO AGE LIMIT

Competition Date: February/March

“Stars of the Albion” is the annual event that brings together young extraordinary talented musicians and dancers from across the world.  The competition is open to Singers, Dancers, and Instrumentalists, as well as Musical & Fringe Theatre, One man Shows, Fine Arts, and Photography.

Reign Macalinao 1.jpg

2020 | Grand Prix Winner

Reign Macalinao

Jin Aliyah Pizarra 3.jpg

2020 | 2nd Place Winner

Jin Aaliyah Pizarra

Abraham Azur 2.jpg

2020 | 2nd Place Winner

Abraham Azur

Hannah Faye Miguel 2.jpg

2020 | 3rd Place Winner

Hannah Faye Miguel

Denise Du Lagrosa Euro Talent Festival P

2019 | 2nd Place Winner

Denise Du Lagrosa

Marlon Macabaya Euro Talent Festival Pin

2019 | Grand Prix Winner

Marlon Macabaya

Rachel Gabreza Euro Talent Festival Pino

2018 | Grand Prix Winner

Rachel Gabreza

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